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on a new UNCLE GRANDPA: (THE ADORABLE EPICNESS CONTINUES) and in today's episode "SPACE EMPEROR" two random kids were playing pretend space emperor and uncle grandpa appears outta nowhere again (*WHOOOOOOOSH........BLAAAAAAAM XD * ) in his INCEPTIONAL UNCLE GRANDPA TRAILER 8D (so uncle granpa shot the one bully with a laser gun *WOOOOOOOOOOT GO UNCLE GRANDPAAAAAA XD thats what i'm talkin bout XD shoot the nerdy RP bully XD *) then some hot chick comes out all "oh heyah uncle grandpa so i've got some kids i'm babysitting today ya know short kid with blonde hair was usually seen playing with his two friends there in a cape oh please help him i don't wanna let my BF know i've been a very bad babysitter because then he might dump me :( " uncle grandpa's like "MA'AM WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS i will find you child for you whatever it takes " so he travels to another dimension and i love how he does too on an alien planet X3 and uncle granpa gives them the "SPANK BOTTOM SPECIAL XD" so uncle grandpa RP's as EMPEROR KRELL and i gotta admit emperor krell was awesome as heck XD and then it was uncle grandpa vs. emperor krell :D and uncle grandpa kicked his butt 

next kiddo's it was time for a TIGER TALK 8D with GIANT REALISTIC FLYING TIGER i have no idea what him and mr. gus were talking about but it was kinda funny though XD 

in the next episode of uncle grandpa was "FUNNY FACE" and in this episode uncle grandpa,giant realistic flying tiger and pizza steve were making alot funny facesand mr. gus felt really sad because mr. gus thought he was kinda funny but uncle grandpa and them didn't find him that funny (and then the funny face guy appears and makes em laugh so hard there everything comes off XD ) and by mr. gus making them think the friendship was over he used there seriousness to help defeat the funny face guy

and then it was time for "NEW EXPERIENCES with beary nice and hotdog person :3 and it was just a quick short of beary nice and hotdog person eating some ice cream and hotdog person got his toungue stuck by a big bee and went nuts and landing into the trash can saying "i didn't like my ice cream :( " xD 
  • Listening to: whatever i like :D
  • Reading: nothing :P i don't like reading much
  • Watching: whatever the heck i feel like XD
  • Playing: nothing much at the moment :3
  • Eating: nuffin :3
  • Drinking: juice o3o
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Submitted on
September 9, 2013